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2014 in Review: Escaping life’s biggest enemy

I know everyone looks back on their year in December and asks themselves what has changed? If you can genuinely say you have achieved things and changed then it is […]


The Future of the Fitness Industry: Having the Perfect Training Setup under One Roof

‘There’s millions says Geoffrey, all under one roof– it’s called Toys ‘R’ Us, Toys ‘R’ Us, Toys R Us!’ Do you remember these words from the Toys R Us  Magical […]


Olympic Lessons and the London 2012 Legacy

This is a co blog I worked on with Joseph Lightfoot, about our thoughts on the London 2012 legacy and what it means for the Health and Fitness Industry. Learn about Joseph’s movement to improve nutritional […]

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“Joe helped me once a week for 25 weeks and in that time I noticed a huge difference in my strength and confidence. I’d had a knee operation and was always wary of doing anything that would make it worse. In that time my knee has gone from strength to strength and I’ve since been able to squat large weights. Joe also helped improve my upper body strength considerably and gave me the encouragement and confidence needed to continue to workout properly on my own”.

Richard Shove

“Training with Joe has made going to the gym fun again whilst pushing
me to attain results”

I first started training sessions with Joe in order to prepare for
climbing Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. I successfully climbed both
mountains within ten days and would not have been able to achieve this
if I had not had a training programme in place to prepare myself both
physically and mentally.

Since returning from the climb, I have decided to continue training
with Joe as I really enjoyed the sessions. Joe always explains the
reasons for doing certain exercises so you understand the benefits to
be gained and he has written varied workout programmes for me that I
now feel confident to atempt on my own in the gym. Joe ensures that I
never get bored during a session and has inspired me to try new things
when training in the gym. I always leave a session feeling as though
I have achieved something.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have noticed a dramatic
improvement in my overall fitness, body shape and confidence.

Clare Abbott

I’ve been working with Joe Cohen for nine months. We achieved my initial goals – of losing 2 inches off my waist – within the first eight weeks, but I was so impressed with his approach to personal training that I’ve continued to work with him since then, with the result that I’ve lost 10kg in body fat, have transformed my body shape and am undoubtedly fitter now, at the age of 42, than I’ve ever been throughout my adult life.
Joe clearly puts a lot of thought into the composition of the training programme. His organisation of my training schedule into 4- or 5- week programmes means that the training is always varied and fun, and I feel great after each session. Joe advises on nutrition to accompany each programme and his advice on food intake really helped build my energy and stamina. The nutrition plans are equally varied and interesting, and Joe always explains the purpose and benefit of each programme’s blend of exercise and nutrition. He really takes note of the ambitions and objectives that I have, and has built programmes that ensured that I achieved the results I wanted, while ensuring that my core stability and functional fitness were maintained and enhanced.
I’ve derived much more benefit and satisfaction from personal training than I thought possible. Joe is a great teacher, a good listener, and his approach truly delivers a lot of encouragement, motivation, support, fun and enjoyment. I admire the way he approaches his work with total dedication and positivity, explains and demonstrates each exercise, checks my form carefully, and tailors the work to address any problem areas I might have. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Richard Greenman, 42


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